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ONLY $14.95 each

*Allows YOU to polish off a full beer and a shot in 4.3 seconds due to the high flow trigger valve! 

*Features an automatic-shut off, when the trigger is released, the flow stops. Allowing there to be no split liquor!

*Also, the soft mouthpiece will catch even the very last drop!

*24 oz main beverage plus 4 oz secondary beverage capacity.

*14 inches (36 cm) of flexible clear tubing.

*Thanks to the engineered design, the shot is perfectly chased by the main beverage.

*Perfect for Jager Bombs, Car Bombs, and other fun mixtures! A must have for all of your parties!

A.K.A. The Green Machine as seen on The Party Down South!
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   The Shot Shooter®

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 The Original Shot Shooter®

The all new Shot Shooter® Beer Bong has an exciting twist never seen before, a shot of liquor automatically shoots into the middle of the beer flow! 
Giving a smooth finish to every shot!

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